"Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this; to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world."
~James 1:27

Thursday, August 9, 2012

So Much More to See

Wednesday in Haiti started out beautifully! For one thing, Alaina and I had decided to spend the night on the balcony because sleeping inside the mission house without air conditioning was so darn hot! How awesome it was to wake up to the bright blue Haitian sky. And amazingly enough, I woke up at 5 in the morning- cold. (The people who live downstairs feel the need to sweep the courtyard at 5 every morning. Who does that?) I’ll take being cold over being overwhelmingly hot any day! But the morning couldn’t get any better when Sasha, the sweetest little girl with the most beautiful long braids, who was visiting her aunt downstairs, came up to tell us that she had asked Jesus into her heart! It was such a precious moment to see this little girl realize that Jesus Christ loves her and he died for her. She whispered into Rhonda’s ear that she could feel Him. I had tears in my eyes as I gave her a big hug. I don’t think there could have been a better way to start the day.

Sasha is the sweet girl in the white shirt and denim skirt

By afternoon we had all climbed in the back of the truck to go love on some more children. Today we would be visiting 2 different orphanages in the area. The need for orphanages this area of Haiti alone was overwhelming and heartbreaking. Some of these children lost their parents in the earthquake or for other reasons, but many of them have a parent/parents who just cannot afford to take care of them. I wondered if the children ever felt abandoned. Unwanted. Without hope. 

The first orphanage that we stopped at, was one that the team had worked at the year before, and they had really fallen in love with the children there. We weren’t able to work at this orphanage this year, but the team had put together gifts for the children there and wanted to drop them off and give some hugs. I had heard so much about these children, that I was super excited to meet these kids too.  This orphanage was in better shape than Pastor Murah’s orphanage, but it was still hard to imagine children living like this. They were excited about their new toys, because again, there were no toys to be seen. We were only at this orphanage for about a half hour.

Beautiful Belande

Fabula is hiding in the doorway because she couldn't find a shirt to wear :(

Examining their new trucks

The girls loved their dolls
Next we went to a much bigger orphanage that is well established and gets much support. Our Haitian driver for the week, Rosell, is the director of this orphanage. Maybe about 150 children live at this orphanage. There is a big building for the girls and one for the boys. There is a church on site, a playground, and a basketball court. You could tell that these children are well taken care of. When we drove up, children came running from the playground, the bedrooms, seemingly everywhere, ready to make a new friend for the day. The minute I climbed down from the truck, I had 2 beautiful girls at my side. The sweet 8 year old Lovely was clad all in pink, and my other friend (whose name I couldn’t begin to pronounce or spell) looked beautiful in pink and black, one of my favorite combinations. I just loved their fully braided heads of hair! Lovely immediately saw my camera and was ready to take some pictures! She took photos while my other friend taught me a hand clapping game. I caught on, but couldn’t keep up with her speed. It ended quickly with lots of laughter. Then we had a little photo shoot against the bright blue wall of one of the buildings. Everyone that was in the nearby vicinity took a turn with the camera, and then took a turn wearing my sunglasses. Soon the girls took me into their room and showed me where their beds were. I sat down and they quickly began pulling out my French braids before I could stop them. I soon had a group of little girls brushing and braiding my hair. One of the teenage girls wanted to do lots of tiny braids, but she only got about 5 done before it was time to leave.What a fun day spent with beautiful princesses of the King!

Learning a clapping game :)

My New Friends

Getting my hair done

Lovely taking pictures of herself. She told me that her whole family is dead.

I was so happy to see that these children are living in good conditions and are being well taken care of. This is a blessing for them. But then I realize that these children probably won’t leave these grounds until they are 18 years old. They live there, they play there, they go to school there, they go to church there. How are they going to survive outside of those walls? How are they going to find a job and know what to do with their life when they don’t have a family to turn to? I know these kids have it good compared to many of the children in Haiti, but it is still a hard situation. We have so much, we don’t even realize it! Remember to be thankful today for everything that God has given you.


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  1. This post is just beautiful. I love seeing the pictures of the sweet kids. It does make me sad to think that you're right, these kids won't have any life skills when they turn 18 and leave the orphanage.