"Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this; to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world."
~James 1:27

Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Day for Child Sponsorship

I am pretty sure that you all know about my slight obsession passion for child sponsorship! So I was really excited when I found out that one of the main goals of our trip was to work on setting up a child sponsorship program for the orphanage. How exciting! I was thrilled to play even a little part in making this happen for these beautiful Haitian children. Since the sponsorship plan is in the very beginning stages, we needed to accomplish getting a photo and information (like you would get from Compassion or World Vision) of each child at the orphanage along with explaining to the orphanage staff and children what it meant to have a sponsor. 

So Tuesday morning, we arrived at the orphanage ready to get all the sponsorship information we needed. I was so excited to see the children again! They ran to the truck to see us as we drove in. One thing I worried about was if I would recognize the kids I had been playing with the day before, in different outfits. I didn’t have to worry because when Michkaina saw me, she ran up to me and grabbed my hand and dragged me over to sit by her. She sat by me just holding my hand and smiling at me until I started tickling her. Boy did she giggle! And her giggle was just adorable. Not long after, I saw Magdalia and she ended up on my lap trying to steal my camera from me again. 

Learning about what it means to have a sponsor!

We soon got everything set up to get information and photos of all the children. We explained to the staff and children about sponsorship and having a sponsor. The staff was very excited, but the children really didn’t understand the significance of it. We had everything planned out for the children to be interviewed, photographed, and then when they were done they got to choose a prize from the prize bag. Silly us thought that this would be a quick process to interview and photograph over 40 kids, but when it leaked out that toys were involved, chaos set in. It was good chaos, but chaos none the less. Children were getting in line to be photographed when they hadn’t been interviewed, and everyone was surrounding the toy bag. Lori and I wondered if this is what it is like when Compassion registers new children. Lori tried so hard to get a smile from each child photographed because we love seeing smiles on our sponsored children’s faces, but some of them just would not smile for the camera. Don’t worry if you don’t see a smile on your sponsored child’s face, sometimes they just have a mind of their own.  We finally finished getting all of the children interviewed and photographed and they were soon running around with their new toys. Maybe the only toy that they can ever remember calling their own.  We played and sang songs with the children for a while, but too soon it was time to go for the day. 

Children being interviewed

Me looking slightly confused as to what child is next

Katia getting her photo taken

Wookencia getting photographed

Picking a toy from the prize bag!

Their sign says "Thank You Sponsors!"

We had met our goal for the day, and we are all excited to see where the child sponsorship plan goes from here, but we didn't want to leave our new friends even for a moment! Our time with the children never felt like enough. Never enough hugs. Never enough smiles. Never enough laughter. It was so hard to say goodbye even when you knew you would see them again soon. 

Hanging out with Queen Esther :)

Time to get my hair done!

My sweet Dede. Loved him!


  1. They are so precious! How exciting that you got to be part of this orphanage starting up their new sponsorship program. What organization did you work with again?

  2. how awesome! Wonderful. Thank you for sharing.... yes, so amazing that you are a part of this!

    Much love,