"Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this; to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world."
~James 1:27

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Before You Came Into My Life I Missed You So Bad

I’ve been thinking about my Rosa a lot lately. Reliving our day together, and trying to remember all the little things about her that make her, well her. It amazes me how close I feel to Rosa when I’ve only had her in my life for 17 months. And I realized something. God chose Rosa for me. From the very moment I was born he knew that Rosa would be a part of my life. And not just any part, but a huge part, an important part! God chose to weave the strands of my life into the strands of the life of a beautiful 12 year old all the way in Bolivia. Who would have thought? Only God, I guess! I didn’t choose Rosa on my own.  With many of my others, I saw their face and knew that they were meant to be mine. Their eyes drew me in or their story broke my heart or I just knew. But none of this happened with Rosa. I didn’t choose Rosa. God chose her for me. I knew I wanted to sponsor another child back in January of 2011. I knew I could afford it and I wanted to share God’s love with another child. I looked at all the children on the Compassion website. Then I looked at them again. And again. I looked at the boys. I looked at the girls. I looked at the kids from India. Then Ecuador. Then Bolivia. And on and on it went. Every day I looked at those children knowing they all needed love and hope and a sponsor who would be a role model for them. But none of them were mine. I could have sponsored any of them. In fact I wanted to sponsor all of them, but I knew that God hadn’t chosen any of those children for me. Finally, I had settled on a girl from Bolivia between the ages of 10 and 14. I felt the Lord lead me towards this. Yet still none of the children on the website were “mine”. God told me to wait. None of them were my girl. I decided to let Compassion choose my girl for me. I knew that God would lead them to my girl. Four days later I my girl’s packet. I held it in my hand, not knowing them what a blessing she would be to me. I didn’t even really know then the significance of letting God choose for me instead of choosing myself. I saw her name first- Rosa. What a beautiful name for a young lady. Then I saw her face. I was startled by the sadness in her features. This was my child. God had to have chosen this child because I would not have chosen her myself. But I loved her, oh how I loved her! This was a child that God had chosen before time for me to love, nurture, and care for. Our relationship was meant to be. Meeting Rosa in person just solidified this truth for me. I can’t even explain it in words. We didn’t need words to share our love. It was just being there, being together. It’s like our hearts were back together again because we were together. I can’t even image what life was like before Rosa. It’s like she has always been there- showing me the same love that I’m showing her. God is using Rosa in my life just the same if not more than the way He is using me in her life. I see Jesus in Rosa. I love her with every breath in me. There are moments where my heart aches from missing her. But I’m thankful, so thankful that God saw fit to choose me, ME, of all people to be in Rosa’s life. What a blessing, as I’m sure all you Compassion sponsors out there know. We have been blessed by our sponsored children. I know I have been!

“I thank my God every time I remember you.” ~Philippians 1:3


  1. What a beautiful story. I hope that someday I get the chance to let God just choose a child for me (not that God didn't choose the children I currently sponsoring). I think the next child I sponsor, I'm going to have Compassion choose for me. How exciting!

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  3. wow. thank you for sharing. Praying for you. Much love