"Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this; to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world."
~James 1:27

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Oh Happy Day!

Yaaa, today was a 4 letter day! I love those kinds of days. This was an especially special 4 letter day because one of my letters included pictures- lots of pictures! 

I went out to my mailbox wondering if the mail person even came on Saturdays anymore. We haven’t gotten mail on a Saturday in at least a month, so I wasn’t too hopeful for a cream colored envelope. Well imagine my delighted surprise when I found 4 cream colored envelopes in my mailbox! I was happy to see a large cream colored envelope, but I didn’t get my hopes up because sometimes those big envelopes just a hold a regular ole letter. 

I felt around on the envelope before I opened it, hoping to feel a staple and a picture shaped bump, and sure enough I did. I ripped into the envelope and found a letter from sweet little Gil Jr from the Philippines. And attached to the letter were a pile of little pictures. Oh what a treat! 

Not too long ago a fellow OCer who was headed to the Philippines to meet her sponsored child, offered to take a gift along for Gil. I excitedly picked out some things at Walmart- a t-shirt, a writing pad, pencils and sharpener, crayons, cars, and a necklace for mom- and sent them along to the Philippines in hopes that he would enjoy these little gifts and know I was thinking of him.

Well today’s letter was a thank you for his gifts. It is too sweet not to share:

Dear Hilary Hopkins,
We received your gift to Gil and it is 1 silver necklace, 5 toy cars, 1 box of 24 crayons, 10 pcs. Pencils, 1 sharpener, and 1 writing pad fundamentals. Ma’am Hilary thank you so much for the gift and you know what Ma’am you help a lot to your family even if as young as you are your mind is set to help those in need. Ma’am Hilary, Gil was so happy upon receiving your gift he wear the shirt right away and specially the toy cars because it is the first time he play with this kind of toy cars. Ma’am Hilary, about Gil, right now he is okay and in fact he attend on their recognition program last Friday(April 27,2012) in the APCDC Center and they have also a snacks. Hope Ma’am that you are in good health always and more blessings from Lord and Divine protection. Ma’am Hilary please include to your prayers that my family will be in good health always. Until here up to our next letters. God bless you always.
Love, Ludivina Otadoy, Gil’s mother 

How awesome, that he loved his gifts! He also sent some pictures of him and his mother receiving his gifts!

I think the man is one of his project workers

What a cutie!! I love seeing these pictures of him and his mom!!


  1. I just love love love love this post. I love love love the letter! Ma'am... how wonderful. Just made me laugh out loud. I love how we all share about our sponsored children say.

    Our friend Kees (an advocate)is in Bolivia helping at our Erik's project. He sent us some pics. It is so cool. We tried to send him some gifts but he couldn't take them. We did send a video clip to Kees and he said he would show Erik!

    Thanks, Hilary for sharing.


  2. I read this post at least three times. I can't stop looking at those pictures! What a great opportunity for you to be able to send a gift to him with somebody else. I am going to be checking Our Compassion every day in the hopes that I find somebody traveling to India or Uganda. I would love to send a gift like this.

    I love that Gil calls you Ma'am Hilary, how precious.