"Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this; to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world."
~James 1:27

Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday Mail Call

Today, I was super excited to get 2 first letters from Bolivia! I got letters from 4 year old Kevin and 8 year old Lucela. I met Kevin and Lucela in Bolivia when I was there in April. They were both in need of sponsors, and I was excited to be able to become their sponsor!

Kevin lives in El Alto, Bolivia, and he goes to center BO416. His center was the first center that we visited on our Compassion tour. Kevin's letter is very sweet:

Dear Hilary Hopkins,
I send you greetings of blessing. I am Kevin's tutor. I am writing you to tell you that he is very happy because you are his sponsor. He wants to be in touch with you. He's going to school and he is going to kindergarten. He drew for you with lots of love and he hopes you like it. He has 4 siblings and they have great fun playing and watching TV. He likes caring for animals and he wants to have a cat. We say goodbye with a strong hug and God bless you and protect you.
Love, Kevin

I love his little truck. It looks like he worked extra hard on it :)

Me with Kevin and his little sister!

Lucela lives in Santa Cruz, Bolivia and she goes to BO383. We had an amazing time spending the day at Lucela's center and I just loved getting to know her and her friends. Here is Lucela's letter:

God bless you, sister Hilary Hopkins,
Lucela is very happy because you are her sponsor. Lucela likes to play with dolls and ball. She has family of 6 members including the 2 children of her older sister who is 16 years old and they all live together. Her mom's name is Tomasa, her older sister's name is Rocio, her brother Alejandro and then Lucela. This year she started to attend to the student center and she likes it alot and she goes with her brother Alejandro. Our God blesses you a lot for the support that you give to the children because by them also arrives to their family. She told everything to write to you because she has difficulties to write.
Pablo- Lucela's older cousin

She drew a sweet little picture :)

My Bolivian Princess and I!

I can't believe that I have already gotten first letters from my new Bolivian babies! Now just waiting on a first letter from my Cecilia- my Bolivian princess! 


  1. Hilary, how precious! I love the pictures!

    I have a Bolivian surprise too!


    1. Oh I want to hear about your Bolivian surprise :)

    2. I just realized that I wasn't following your blog, and I thought I was! So excited about letters and pictures of Erik :)

  2. I swear that I commented on this post already. I guess my comment got deleted for some reason.

    I am so glad that you got these letters from you Bolivian kiddos. I know that you had been waiting for them after getting to see them in person. How special these letters are. And so super cute!