"Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this; to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world."
~James 1:27

Friday, April 20, 2012

A Little Sweet, A Little Sassy

Before I finish with my Bolivia posts, I have to share with you about 2 beautiful little girls who stole my heart in Bolivia- Cecilia and Luci.

Let me start with 5 year old Cecilia.

 I met Cecilia in Cochabamba at the Child Survival Program. When we arrived at the program, all the babies and toddlers from the CSP and the children from the adjoining CDSP were lined up waving little Cochabamba flags for us. As I walked down the line shaking hands, I saw this tiny little girl in a Hannah Montana shirt staring up at me with the biggest brown eyes. I immediately fell in love! I took her picture and continued up to the program the CSP had planned for us. Through the whole program, I kept staring at her photo, and I told Madeline who was sitting by me, “I want that child.” When we came back downstairs after the program, I saw my little girl again, and the minute she saw me she came running over. I put my arms out and she jumped into my arms and wrapped her arms around my neck and held on tight. She told me her name was Cecilia and that she was 5 years old. She played with my hair and told me it was beautiful.  She just kept holding on to me and didn’t let go. She didn’t even know me. She had never seen me before today, but here she was loving me unconditionally. I don’t know why, but maybe just maybe God had this all planned out.  I held her all morning, even when it felt like my arm was going to fall off. A number of people said I could just put her down and hold her hand, but I didn’t want to leave that day wishing I had held her just a little bit longer. When we sat down for lunch she sat in my lap and shared my meal with me. I tried to give her my uncooked vegetables, but she would have none of that. Cecilia was beautiful, and I was completely in love with this sweet girl!

I went up to Becca- our tour leader- before we left that day, and asked if I could find out if Cecilia needed a sponsor. She knowingly smiled, and said she had already asked. Cecilia is not part of the program, but her mom and baby sibling is part of the CSP. We found out that if I agreed to sponsor Cecilia than they would register her! I didn’t even have to think about it, I would do anything to have that little girl in my life. Hopefully she will be registered soon so that Cecilia can be added to my account and I can start writing her letters!

Next I want to introduce you to Luci.

 She is around 6 or 7 years old. I met Luciella in Santa Cruz at BO383. I didn’t see her right away like I did with Cecilia. Instead of going on the home visit with our family group in the afternoon, Madeline and I had stayed back to play with the kiddos.  We pulled some bubbles and we were instantly surrounded by excited children. We had decided to just blow the bubbles for them and not let them touch the wand because we didn’t want to spread germs, but after some begging and pleading I finally gave in and let me take turns blowing bubbles. Suddenly this adorable little girl- who ended up being my Luci- started hacking up a lung, and I thought, you are why we weren’t going to let you guys take turns. I tried to tell her in my limited Spanish to cover her mouth, but she just grinned at me. I couldn’t help but grin back. We finally finished with the bubbles and went to find a place to sit down. We were followed closely by a group of girls, including my little cougher. She ended up sitting on my lap and telling me that her name was Luciella. She was so funny and content with life. I contemplated finding out if she needed a sponsor, but I held back, deciding to just take in our time together. The rest of the groups came back from their home visit and we had a sing along with the center workers. Luci was so cute as she belted out to the Spanish version of “Open the Eyes of my Heart, Lord.” Even after everyone else had finished singing, we sat their softly singing “Abre mis Ojos, Oh Cristo” together. I was falling in love with this little girl as well, but I still wasn’t sure about sponsorship.

Madeline, had met a little boy named Junior that she wanted to sponsor, so we had Becca found out if he needed a sponsor. She asked a project worker and I heard her reply that yes, Junior needs a sponsor, but so does Luciella. My ears perked up, and I immediately agreed to sponsor Luci too. I was so excited to have another precious Bolivian girl in my family. Neither Luci nor Junior are actually registered in the program yet, but they are working on it as we speak! The center workers were excited that we wanted to be their sponsors so that they could be registered!

Bolivia is such an amazing country with beautiful, giving people, and I cannot wait until the day I get to return there. I never expected to come home with 2 more children, but that just makes it all the more fun! I love these little girls, and it is so neat that I actually got to meet them and bond with them and now sponsor them! And I got to see their soon to be centers and meet their project workers. Cool, huh? I’m praying that everything goes smoothly for both Cecilia and Luciella to be registered in the program and added to my account!


  1. Beautiful post! Loved hearing the stories of the two that stole your heart. Sometimes, God just does what he wants with us, doesn't he? And it's grand!

  2. Two new sponsor girls?! How exciting for you! I can't wait to hear about them when they show up on your account!

  3. That is so special! You are like a Lifeguard to these girls, reaching out and pulling them to a safe place. God bless you for your generous heart!

    They are beautiful!!

  4. Hilary, I just found your blog from Jill's master list. HOW EXCITING! We just sponsored our first child from Bolivia! His name is Erik. We also sponsor from Indonesia and correspond with a beautiful girl in Ethiopia. Our Erik is at project BO571. Another advocate shared on www.ourcompassion.com about Kees Boer.. do you know him? He visits Bolivia LOTS. He takes lots of pictures of different projects. I think I saw Lidia in some of his pictures. LOVED reading about your new girls. What an encouragement you are! So thankful I found your blog.