"Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this; to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world."
~James 1:27

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Kids from BO416 that Need Sponsors

While I was in Bolivia, the first week in April, I had the privilege of spending time at center BO416 in El Alto, La Paz. This was a wonderful center and the children were so beautiful and loving. This was the very first center we visited and the minute a child wrapped their arms around me, I couldn't hold in the happy tears for being there. The center workers were so passionate and the pastor of the church was so excited for us to be there, and said he had been dreaming of the day people would visit his center!

This area of Bolivia was very poor and many of the houses we visited were just one small room. Their diet consists of maize, bananas, bread, beef, rice, and potatoes. Common health problems include dental decay, stomach illnesses, and colds. Most adults are unemployed but some work as street vendors or day laborers making about $85 a month. The most common languages are Spanish and Aymara. My Rosa, who lives very close to this area, speaks both of these languages. I have 4 children from this center that I am looking for sponsors for, and I'm excited to introduce you to them.

First, here is 4 year old Luz

Luz lives with her mom and dad and 4 siblings. Her father is sometimes employed as a teacher and her mother maintains the home. Luz is a big help to her mom, because she helps with the cleaning. Luz is not attending school yet, but she does attend church activities regularly. She loves playing with dolls. Luz' birthday is April 8, 2008. Let me know if you are interested in sponsoring her!

Next we have, 5 year old Geronimo

Geronimo lives with just his grandmother and a sibling. It doesn't say that he is an orphan so I'm not sure why he doesn't live with his parents. He helps his grandmother at home by cleaning. His grandmother is sometimes employed as a seller in the market. Geronimo is not yet in school, but he does attend the church activities. He loves playing with cars. His birthday is April 18, 2007. if you are interested in sponsoring this child, let me know!

Here is 6 year old Marioly

Marioly lives with just her mom and 4 other siblings. Her mother is only sometimes employed so that must make it hard to take care of her family. Marioly also helps out at home by cleaning. She loves playing with dolls and she is doing average in primary school. She regularly attends the church activities. Marioly's birthday is February 28, 2006. I would love to find a sponsor for this girl so let me know if you would like to sponsor her!

And lastly, almost 5 year old Kevin

I am not positive, but I think that I may have met Kevin. If it is the same little boy that I think it is than he has a beautiful family and 3 sweet sisters. Kevin lives with his mom and dad and 4 siblings. His father is sometimes employed, and his mother maintains the home. Kevin helps out with cleaning at home. He is in kindergarten where his performance is average. He loves playing with cars, and he regularly participates in church activities. Kevin's birthday is July 17, 2007. If you have an interest in sponsoring Kevin, please let me know!


  1. oh just love them! Praying for them. Bolivia has a piece of our heart.