"Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this; to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world."
~James 1:27

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mail Call: Haiti

I got letter from my Haiti kids: 8 year old Giberline and 18 year old Olibris. Letters from Haiti are like rubies to me because they are few and far between, but sooo precious! I wish that I got more Haitian letters so that I could learn more about these sweet children.

Giberline's letter is a "My Family" letter.

My family lives in: a village
My favorite way to help my family is: carry water
My siblings from oldest to youngest are Claudia, Gideline, Kerlandia, Gidelene, Peirr Rickson
My food is prepared by: Marie Claude

Giberline greets you in Jesus' name. She is very fine with her family. She works well in her school. She tells that she sings in the project. It's the Christmas celebration that she prefers. She'd like to be a principal of school. She thanks you for the pictures of the Princes and Princesses, she thanks you for the Christmas card. She and her family are fine by God's grace. Thank you for the Christmas gift, she buys a hen with it. She shares this verse with you: Matt 2:1. Merry Christmas! Thank you.
Written by: Claudia- her sister

Olibris sent a really nice letter too:
Dear Hilary Hopkins,
I'm really glad to write you this letter. How are you and your family doing? My family and I are well. I'm not doing so bad at school. I did well and I've succeeded in the Review year official exams. Yes, I can teach some words in Creole. Yes, I have Jesus into my heart. My family and I grow and breed. It's good because I live in the mountains with my family. Yes, I live close to them. I'm doing well at school thanks to God. I'm doing well thanks to God. When I look out of my house, I see a lot of rocks, trees, and vapor (steam). Thanks for the letters, the pictures, your prayers and your wishes. I was so happy to hear from you and your family. How do you count to spend this Christmas? I pray that God will bless you in all you do. Thanks for the Christmas gift and I used it to buy clothes. The project organized a nice party for us on December 20th, 2011. There were movies and joke and we enjoyed a lot. Pray for me. God bless you.
Olibris Jean

Yaaaaaa for Haiti letters! Have you gotten any letters lately????


  1. I received a letter from Kenya and one from Rwanda this week! Also I received three new correspondance kids, one is also from Haiti!

    These letters are so precious!

  2. I haven't received a letter in a while... my daughter sponsors from the Philippines and she receives a letter every month! I did receive an update pic this week of my girl from Ethiopia!

    Thanks for sharing....