"Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this; to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world."
~James 1:27

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Winning Mail Day

Yesterday was a great mail day for me! I opened up my mailbox to find 2 of those famous cream colored envelopes.

Who would have thought that the sight of a cream colored envelope could make someone squeal and then promptly go into the happy dance? And this was a happy dance times two. Since my post office is in town, I always try to make it home before tearing into those envelopes so that I can settle in and savor every word that one of my precious kids has written just for me. But that day I just couldn’t wait. The thought of a 15 minute drive home was too much to bear so I dove right in to those letters.  The first letter was a reciprocal letter from 5 year old Winner in Togo. Out of all of my kids she writes me the most letters. I think she writes me more than I write her. Since sponsoring her in February, I have gotten 14 letters from her. God bless the tutor that helps her write all those letters! 

Winner's Artwork

This letter was in reply to a letter I had written her about the women’s soccer world cup. Winner is a girly-girly in her pretty dresses, but she also loves to kick around a soccer ball. She tells me “It is a delight to read your letter. I like the information about soccer. I don’t watch it, but I am glad to learn it from you.” She goes on to tell me about Nigeria, the African team that was playing in the world cup, and where it is in context with Togo. She always asks for prayer at the end of her letters.
Some of Winner's many letters!
   Finished with this precious letter, I tore into the next cream colored envelope. It was another letter from Winner. But I knew something was different about this one. This letter was on green paper. I hadn’t had a green letter yet.  The blue paper signifies a first letter, the purple is for reciprocal letters, and the brown was for regular letters, but what could green mean? To my great surprise and delight it was a Thank You letter. And attached to it was a picture of Winner and the things she had bought with the $20 gift I sent her!
Winner's thank you letter and gift photo

This is my first “extra” photo of any of my children.
Winner with her goodies!

I am so excited to see how she is growing and to see that bright smile on her face! She writes in her letter “I am so glad to receive your general gift. I have got 2 pairs of shoes, a sack of rice of 5kgs and 4 meters of loincloth. I am so glad of the gift.” It is amazing how far our small gifts can go in a country a world away from ours. Sharing in the life of a child living in a third world country has changed my perspective so much. Could you take that step of faith and sponsor a child through Compassion International as well?


  1. How wonderful, Hilary! I found your blog on OC and am rejoicing with you over this photo. I had never realized how exciting a "bonus" picture would be until I got my first (and only) one! Winner clearly loves you so much and it's a blessing to get a glimpse into that beautiful relationship.

  2. I am loving her big smile in that photo! It makes my heart feel so big!! That is really great that she writes to you so much :-)

  3. It was so exciting receiving that extra photo! I love that Winner's project writes so many letters because it has helped me to really have a great relationship with Winner in the short time that I have been sponsoring her!