"Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this; to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world."
~James 1:27

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

True Ecuadorian Experiences

The second day of VBS went great, but before I tell you about that I want to share with you about Elijah, Brie, Kaylah, and I’s evening last night. We had a true Ecuadorian experience that we could never have in the US or Canada. When we got back to our hotel last night, we decided to get ice cream and eat it outside in front of the hotel. While we were sitting out there 3 little boys- Israel, Brandon, and Carlitos- started playing soccer by themselves in the middle of the street. Now mind you this is 9 o’clock at night, and these kids are all under the age of 10. By themselves. In the road. So we decided to join them! What an awesome experience it was playing street soccer with those kids at night. Who knows if their parents knew where they were or what they were doing. Either way this is not something you would see back home. It was a true Ecuadorian experience for us.
For our second day of VBS we had about the same amount of kids as we did the first day.

Listening to the Bible story

Tracy with the kids

The VBS crew!
For crafts the kids colored visors and put stickers on it and the girls braided crowns out of ribbons.

Coloring visors

Braiding crowns
During game time we played different races with basketballs.

Tossing the basketball back and forth

Getting ready to all shoot the basketball
After VBS we went to a little restaurant where the ladies there will be cooking us lunch all week long. We got to try soup with chicken feet and chicken hearts in it. Not many of the group were adventurous enough to eat the feet!

Kaylah with her chicken heart and foot
 We had a pretty big rainstorm in the afternoon, so that was a great time for us to relax and work on crafts for the next day. I don’t think any of us want to tie shoes again anytime soon. (We had to tie shoes on paper people for tomorrow’s craft.) Tonight we are watching the movie “The End of the Spear”. It is a true story about missionaries to the Waodani people in the jungles of Ecuador. It is an amazing story!
I would also like to ask you to pray for a young man named Santiago who lives her in Ecuador. He is the brother of Nelly and Pedro who we have known for the last 2 years in Pifo. On Friday he was in a car accident, and right now he is in a coma. Anything could happen, but things have started looking up so that is very positive. Also continue praying for us as we minister to the children of Borja this week.

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